helping others:

Of the 6.2 billion people in today's world, 1.2 billion live on less than9 $1 per day. -- Human Development Report 2002, Deepening Democracy in a Fragmented World,
United Nations
Development Programme

More ways to help fight hunger and need:

1. Volunteer in your community! Contact your local food bank, church or synagogue to inquire about opportunities.
2. Find out about gleaning opportunities.

Visit the Hunger Site and Stop the Hunger! every day... and click to give
FREE food.

Donations help provide medical services too.

Blessings has been working with the Queen of Angels House (formerly Casa Pepito) in Agua Prieta since its beginning in 2002.  The organization provides basic living items, including clothes, food and hygiene supplies. 

Please Donate

Any assistance provided goes directly back to helping to feed and clothe children and elderly in disadvantaged communities.

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If you live near Tucson, Arizona, please donate in-kind!
Contact Blessings at for pickup.